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How can I access information held by WIRO?

1. Search on this website

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, certain information is required by law to be available on our website, free of charge. This is called 'open access information' and includes our:

  • policy documents
  • disclosure log (currently no information appears on this log as no qulalifying disclosures have been sought or made).

You should check the links above to see if the information you are looking for is already available. In addition to the 'open access information' which WIRO is required by law to make available, WIRO also proactively releases an array of other information. The publications page on this website houses the majority of this information.

You can contact us to ask if the information you are after has been released by WIRO either on this website or in another form. 

2. Make an informal request

If the information you are after has not already been published by WIRO, but is information which need not be kept confidential for possible public interest reasons, then WIRO may be able to release it to you on request without the need for a formal application.

If you think this applies to the information you are seeking you can contact us to make an informal request. WIRO does not generally insist upon a formal application unless there is a good reason.

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 WIRO is not required to release informaiton without an access application. WIRO reserves the right to require you to lodge an access application.

3. Make a formal access application

If the information you are seeking is not available on this website and is not otherwise routinely provided by WIRO on request, then you have a right to formally apply for access to specific information. You can make a formal application by contacting us. It is important to remember that any information released becomes generally publicly available and may be published on our disclosure log if there is a public interest in the information being made available. Applications are accepted by the Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer:

Kim Garling
Level 4, 1 Oxford Street
13 9476