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Message from Kim

Hello and welcome to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO).

My name is Kim Garling and I am the Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer.

The NSW Government established WIRO in 2012 as part of the reform of the State’s workers compensation system. As a result of legislative changes effective on 1 September 2015, our name changed to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. 

WIRO has several functions that are set out in legislation to ensure that the workers compensation scheme in NSW operates fairly and efficiently.

Solutions service

WIRO provides injured workers with the help they need to have their complaints against insurers resolved quickly and fairly.

Independent Legal Assistance Review Service (ILARS)

WIRO provides you with access to independent legal advice via a grant so that you can have the help you need to resolve a dispute. 

Employer complaints

WIRO provides assistance to employers who are seeking a resolution of a complaint against their insurer in relation to NSW workers compensation legislation.

This includes complaints about the:

  • acceptance of liability
  • calculation of premium
  • general management and handling of a claim.


WIRO also undertakes inquiries into issues arising out of the operation of the Workers Compensation Acts.

Being innovative at WIRO has its rewards

With the 5-year anniversary of WIRO (the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) it’s timely to reflect on the successes of this ‘disruptive’ organisation.