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Help for injured workers

How can we help you?

WIRO accepts enquiries about workers compensation from injured workers and employers having difficulty navigating the system. You can make an enquiry on the telephone by calling 13 WIRO (13 9476). Alternatively you can use the contact form. An enquiry may not involve a complaint or may become a complaint if the issue cannot be explained or resolved.

An employer or injured worker can also make a complaint to WIRO using the online complaint form or emailing WIRO at

WIRO can also assist injured workers accessing free legal advice. If you are sure that you need a lawyer, visit our find a lawyer page on this website. 

If you have receieved a work capacity decision with which you are unhappy WIRO can assist by providing information about the review process. If you have already had the decision reviewed by the Merit Review Service at SIRA then you may apply for a Procedural Review by WIRO. There are time limits within which you can apply for reviews of work capacity decisions so be sure to contact WIRO as soon as you receive a decision you wish to have reviewed.