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Seeking a Grant of Funding

Lawyers that are approved by WIRO may apply for grants of funding for legal assistance to represent injured workers pursuing workers compensation claims. WIROs procedures for administering these grants of assistance are set out in the ILARS Policy.

The amounts of funding available for particular types of legal work are set out in Schedule 6 of the Workers Compensation Regulation 2016. Where the Regulation is silent or ILARS Policy differs from the Regulation the ILARS Grant Amount Guide that appears at the end of the Policy applies.

At the conclusion of work undertaken on behalf of an injured worker, the Approved Lawyer should invoice WIRO in accordance with WIRO's Tax Invoice Guide.

Applying for grants of funding for workers compensation matters through ILARS

WIRO has established the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS). This service provides access to free, independent legal advice to injured workers, through the provision of a grant, where there is a disagreement with insurers regarding entitlements.

At WIRO we are focused on resolving disputes quickly, fairly and justly and we encourage lawyers to adopt the same practical approach.

ILARS grants are made under the ILARS policy. Grant amounts covering professional fees and disbursements are based on Schedule 6 of the Workers Compensation Regulation 2010. Medical expense amounts claimed as disbursements are set out in the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation (Medical Examinations and Reports) Order 2016 . Some other grant amounts not covered by Schedule 6 appear in the ILARS policy

Grants are not retrospective. Please take care to submit your application for a grant prior to incurring any costs in relation to your client’s claim. All expenses and disbursements incurred prior to the date of application will not be paid. 

You can download a word version of the form print off, scan and email to An online version of the form is currently being developed.          

If you are making a claim for a further lump sum compensation on behalf of an injured worker you should use the form that appears here.                      

We undertake to assess your application for a grant for legal assistance and advise you of the outcome within 5 working days.