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ILARS grant amounts

Grants are made at the discretion of the WIRO. When deciding whether a grant should be made and in what amount, WIRO will be guided by Schedule 6 of the Workers Compensation Regulation 2016 and the ILARS policy - funding of applications by injured workers to pursue claims for compensation.

A grant of ILARS funding is up to the maximum amount specified in the policy or the schedule and covers all work, even where there is more than one resolution type and/or more than one claim or dispute is finalised. Where there are multiple resolutions and/or claims and the amount of legal work done exceeds the terms of the grant approval may be sought for an uplift.

WIRO reserves the right to amend and update this policy on reasonable grounds.

Description Amount
Preliminary investigation of a prospective claim $1,500 (+GST)
Preliminary investigation of a prospective claim where an Independent Medical Examination Report is not obtained $750.00 (+GST)
Counsel's fees for appearing at the Workers Compensation Commission

Up to $1,400 (ex GST) for the first day

Up to $800 (ex GST) for each subsequent day

Early advice from Counsel Up to $500.00 (ex GST)
Claims for hearing aids that resolve before an ARD to the Commission $700 (+GST)
Funding to represent worker in negotiations with insurer facilitated by WIRO $500 (+GST)
Making a claim on behalf of an injured worker - only in circumstances where a claim has not already been made $400 (+GST)
Funding to represent worker at WCC in respect of a s67 claim only where a s66 claim has been determined in prior proceedings $1,300 (+GST)
Claims for s66 or 67 compensation where a report supporting the claim has already been obtained $948.75 (+GST)
Professional fees where a matter resolves because of intervention by WIRO prior to ILARS approval $750.00 (+GST)