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PRESS RELEASE | WIRO welcomes workers compensation dispute resolution

20 Dec 2017

NSW’s Independent Review Officer for Workers Compensation matters has welcomed the government’s review of the Workers Compensation Dispute Resolution system.

Kim Garling, whose office manages complaints and inquiries from injured workers and employers, said the decision to establish WIRO (Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) was a good one.

“In the past 5-years, our relatively new office, has successfully dealt with 22,000 inquiries and disputes and on many occasions prevented their escalation to legal status.  

The Minister for Finance, Services and Property Victor Dominello today has called for public feedback on ways to further simplify the system and ensure workers are adequately supported.

Garling said he is delighted the government is listening to suggestions about how to improve the lot of injured workers.

WIRO has proposed numerous improvements to the Worker’s Compensation Dispute Resolution Review which will examine a single forum for resolving all disputes about workers’ entitlements.

Garling said he welcomed the issue of the discussion paper.

“At WIRO we constantly analyse our data and we’ve been able to contribute to important reforms that have helped injured workers” he said.

“I’m grateful this government is still determined to keep working to improve the system and is listening to all the parties involved, especially the injured workers” he said.

The paper is available under Current Consultations at

Submissions can be made via post, email or by completing a survey at Submissions close 16 February 2018.

MEDIA: Kim Garling 0419 785 799