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12 Jan 2018

The ILARS Travel and Associated Expenses (Allowances) Policy has changed.
Travel and associated expenses will no longer require pre-approval in certain circumstances.
Circumstances where pre-approval is not required

Where a worker is required to attend:

  • An examination by a health practitioner arranged by the worker’s ALSP (where the examination is approved under a grant of funding by WIRO), and/or
  • A conciliation and arbitration hearing in the Workers Compensation Commission.

Travel expenses and allowances not requiring pre-approval

  • Travel by public transport where public transport is the most convenient and least disruptive method of travel for the worker
  • Travel by taxi or uber where public transport is not easily accessible and is not the most convenient method of travel for the worker
  • Travel by private vehicle at the SIRA rate of $0.55c per km both ways (No separate allowance for parking fees unless kms not claimed)
  • Air travel on the basis of best or average economy fare for the day on a reliable carrier
  • Accommodation costs where overnight stay is required (or is reasonably necessary) at reasonable rates (generally, and as a guide up to $200 per night per room depending on location and availability)
  • An allowance for sustenance of up to $35 per main meal upon production of receipts where total travel time per trip is in excess of four (4) hours or overnight stay is required.


Total travel time includes time taken to attend the ‘appointment’ or hearing.

Sustenance is limited to a total of $70 per day.
Accounts and receipts must be provided to substantiate all purchased services and claims are to be made ex GST.
ALSPs are not required to arrange travel based on ‘cheapest fare’ or to arrange travel by carriers considered unreliable for the provision of service to the public in the region or area where the worker is travelling from and to.
Where urgent travel cannot be avoided or in the event of a cancellation or an event outside the control of the passenger or ALSP then best available fare at the time will be met. Where travel services are cancelled by the carrier, reasonable attempts to receive a full refund should be made by the ALSP prior to submitting their Tax Invoice.
Carers or accompanying persons

Where a carer or partner is required by a worker to accompany them, please provide prior to arranging travel and accommodation, a brief submission as to the necessity for an accompanying person and/or a short supporting letter or certificate from the worker’s nominated treating doctor.

Travel and Associated Expenses (Allowances) not covered by a grant of funding

Travel and Associated Expenses (Allowances) will not be met for a worker attending:

  • a medical appointment with a treating health practitioner solely for the purpose of treatment or medical treatment investigation or
  • an IME appointment arranged by the insurer or
  • an appointment with an Approved Medical Specialist or Medical Appeal Panel appointed by the Commission.

Travel and Accommodation to AMS appointments

Travel and Associated Expenses (Allowances) to attend AMS or MAP appointments are covered by s330 of 1998 Act and are payable by the insurer.

A request should be made directly of the insurer for payment of such expenses. An ILARS grant will not be made or extended for these expenses.

Note that s125(2) of the 1998 Act provides that such expenses are not recoverable where the referral to the AMS is on the application of the worker and the Commission finds that the application was unreasonable or unnecessary.
Reference Material

s119 Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
s330 Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
s125 Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
Guidelines on Independent Medical Examinations and Reports 2012