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ILARS Policies

The ILARS Policy is the overarching policy on how and when grants of assistance are made and and administered. It can be found here:

ILARS Policy

Approved Lawyers may wish to seek a review of a funding decision. WIRO has a policy on seeking review of all decisions taken by WIRO. Follow this link to view it:

Review of decisions by WIRO

ILARS also has a guideline on how tax invoices should be prepared and submitted to WIRO at the conclusion of a matter. It can be found here:

Tax Invoice guideline

WIRO also has a policy surrounding audit of Approved Legal Service Providers. Follow this link to view it:

Audit Information

Lawyers wanting to be approved by WIRO to receive grants of funding for workers compensation matters and Lawyers who are approved wishing to maintain an approval should consult the standards below.

Approval and Practice Standards for Prospective Approved Lawyers and Approved Lawyers