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About the program

A major and increasingly important function of WIRO is its role as an educator to scheme stakeholders. The WIRO education program improves the standard of competency and efficiency in the scheme and provides forums for the identification of friction points in the claims and dispute resolution processes and possible solutions.

The WIRO Sydney Seminar

The largest event is the Sydney Seminar. This has content that is of interest to all stakeholders and provides an invaluable networking opportunity. The 2018 event attracted over 900 registrations.

Regional seminars

Seminars are organised throughout regional NSW for the convenience of the scheme’s regional stakeholders. They are a shorter version of the Sydney Seminar. 

Paralegal courses

The WIRO paralegal courses provide the skills and practical advice for paralegals

Insurer workshops

The WIRO insurer workshops are designed for insurers and brokers and offer a condensed update on operations, trends, work capacity and procedural reviews and insurer performance data.