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Injured workers

WIRO can help injured workers in a number of ways.

Complaints and enquiries

An injured worker can make a complaint to WIRO by telephone on 13 9476, by using the online complaint form or emailing WIRO at

WIRO welcomes any enquiries about workers compensation from injured workers. A worker can telephone WIRO on 13 9476.

Please note that WIRO does not field anonymous complaints and enquiries.

How do we help?

If you want to know more about the types of complaints WIRO solves, read our WIRO Case Studies which are available here and reported in the WIRO Solutions Brief.

Legal assistance

WIRO can also assist injured workers to access free legal advice. If you need a lawyer visit our Find a lawyer page.

Work capacity decisions

If you have received a work capacity decision with which you disagree WIRO may be able to assist by contacting the insurer on your behalf. Contact WIRO by telephone on 13 9476 for help.

For work capacity decisions made prior to 1 January 2019 - If you have already had the decision reviewed by the Merit Review Service (SIRA) then you may apply for a procedural review by WIRO. There are time limits which apply so be sure to contact WIRO as soon as you receive a Merit Review decision.


WIRO is unable to assist Commonwealth Public Servants or injured workers in the Comcare system. These workers should contact Comcare on 1300 366 979.