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WIRO’s statutory function

WIRO investigates complaints made by or on behalf of injured workers about the conduct of workers compensation insurers. 

WIRO will sometimes ask insurers to provide us with information needed to investigate complaints.


WIRO collects and publishes data about the nature of complaints received which is useful to insurers who want to improve their claims management.

Meetings with WIRO

The Solutions Group regularly meets with insurers to discuss trends and issues across the workers compensation industry. We can also arrange meetings to respond to particular issues raised by an insurer. If you are interested in meeting with the Solutions Group, contact 13 9476 or email


WIRO organises workshops designed specifically for insurers and brokers. They offer a condensed update on operations, trends, work capacity and procedural reviews and insurer performance data.

The workshops always include a useful update on recent important legal decisions and case examples from our Solutions Group highlighting common problems and how they can be resolved and often avoided. Keep a track of upcoming seminars here.