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WIRO assists lawyers for injured workers affected by the 2012 NSW workers compensation scheme reforms* by providing payment of a worker’s legal costs under an administrative scheme - the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS).

Applying for grants of funding

Lawyers can apply for grants of funding from ILARS to enable injured workers to access paid independent legal advice and assistance to learn about their rights and entitlements to compensation and to pursue resolution of disputes with insurers and employers.

The funding is available to lawyers who represent injured workers affected by the 2012 reforms* and who are Approved by WIRO.

Becoming a WIRO Approved Lawyer

Approved Lawyers are solicitors approved by WIRO to apply for and receive grants of funding to provide legal services to injured workers or barristers approved by WIRO to provide advocacy services to lawyers and their clients.

To become an Approved Lawyer a solicitor or barrister must hold a current practising certificate issued by the Law Society of NSW, the NSW Bar Association or an interstate equivalent and demonstrate familiarity with the law and practice relating to claims by injured workers for compensation.

Injured workers have a choice of their own lawyer providing that lawyer is Approved by WIRO. This website contains details of all Approved Lawyers here.

The use of data

The information obtained in the course of administering funding has enabled WIRO to develop a unique program which utilises data to assist lawyers to better understand their practice and their efficiency compared with other lawyers in their area or across the whole system. WIRO can assist law firms identify opportunities to improve their performance which may result in a speedier resolution of their clients’ claims.

*Exempt workers

Workers exempt from the 2012 reforms include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, coal miners and some emergency service workers. These workers are entitled to have their legal costs paid by the insurer in the event of successful resolution of their claim.