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Grants of funding

Lawyers that are approved by WIRO (Approved Lawyers) may apply for grants of funding to provide legal advice and assistance to injured workers pursuing workers compensation entitlements.

Procedures for administering grants of funding

WIROs procedures for administering these grants of funding are set out in the WIRO Funding Policy.

Purpose of funding

The purpose of ILARS funding is to ensure that injured workers are able to:

  • Access legal assistance to explore their rights and entitlements under the workers compensation legislation;
  • Access legal assistance to attempt resolution of their claim as soon as possible; and
  • Have their claim determined in the Workers Compensation Commission or other appropriate forum where a dispute is unable to be resolved by agreement.


When an injured worker seeks legal assistance the Approved Lawyer will take basic instructions from the worker and complete an Application for ILARS Grant which sets out essential facts and indicates what grant type is sought

That application, which is lodged by email, is then considered by one of the ILARS principal lawyers, who will determine whether, on the basis of the information provided, it is reasonable to fund preliminary enquiries and evidence gathering to support the claim.

What does the grant of funding cover?

The grant of funding will cover the cost of medical reports and clinical notes, as well as providing funding, in appropriate cases, for the lawyer to obtain further reports consistent with the proper conduct and preparation of the claim.

Referral to the WIRO Solutions Group

Some grant applications may be referred to the Solutions Group if it appears the dispute is capable of early or simple resolution. WIRO is focused on resolving disputes quickly, fairly and cheaply and we encourage lawyers to adopt the same practical approach.

Grant Amounts

The amount of professional fees will be determined on conclusion of the legal relationship or when a final outcome is achieved, whichever is the earlier, and paid at that time. The professional fees are set out in the ILARS Grant Amount Guide.