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Report provider services

WIRO has entered into agreements with interested Medical Report Providers (MRPs) under which WIRO will pay the Provider directly on a monthly basis for IME reports delivered to Approved Lawyers during the previous month.

Key aspects of the agreements

  • It is based on current processes and procedures in place between WIRO and Approved Lawyers.
  • Approved Lawyers are able to choose to use any Medical Report Provider or they can continue to contact doctors directly.
  • As per current arrangements WIRO requires either a copy of the IME report or electronic access to that report prior to reimbursement.
  • Any disputes between WIRO’s grant and the type of report produced by the doctor need to be resolved by the Approved Lawyer and the medico-legal report provider prior to WIRO reimbursing the provider.
  • WIRO is reimbursing the medico-legal report provider for the cost of the report less GST.
  • Approved Lawyers are still liable to pay GST to Medical Report providers for IME reports.

Current approved Medical Report Providers

Provision of clinical notes, historical medical reports and other medical evidence

WIRO has entered into agreements with the companies listed below to pay them directly for clinical notes, historical medical reports and other medical evidence obtained through their online platform by Approved Lawyers in accordance with their grant for legal assistance. This agreement will also include the cost of the platform’s service fee.

Company Name

Platform Name

Unified Healthcare Group Pty Ltd (UHG)


Medicolegal Assessments Group Pty Ltd (MAG)