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Submitting tax invoices

General Tax Invoicing Requirements

Please note that a failure to comply with these guidelines may result in delays in payment.

The invoice should be forwarded electronically to the WIRO Principal Lawyer handling the matter. Payment will not occur until the invoice has been approved by the Principal Lawyer.

Your tax invoice should:

  • Be addressed to WIRO
  • Be generated on your firm’s letterhead and include your registered business name, address and Australian Business Number
  • Include the worker’s name and our ILARS reference number
  • Include your Bank details for EFT purposes
  • Not include GST on any disbursement
  • Include a unique invoice number for the firm rendering the invoice
  • Be forwarded as a separate PDF document and not as a self-contained email

Final Tax Invoices

When submitting final tax invoices please include the following where applicable:

  • A copy of the signed Complying Agreement
  • A copy of any Consent Orders, Certificate of Determination or Medical Assessment Certificate
  • A copy of our letter of Grant
  • Other documentation which explains how the matter has been resolved
  • If the matter was not resolved in favour of the worker and in the absence of Consent Orders or a Determination (for example the worker withdraws their application) an explanation of what has occurred
  • Copies of incurred disbursements
  • Details of the respondent’s solicitor