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Our functions

Statutory functions

The statutory functions of the office, set out in section 27 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 are:

  1. to deal with complaints made to the Independent Review Officer under this Division,
  2. to review work capacity decisions of insurers under Division 2 (Weekly compensation by way of income support) of Part 3 of the 1987 Act,
  3. to inquire into and report to the Minister on such matters arising in connection with the operation of the Workers Compensation Acts as the Independent Review Officer considers appropriate or as may be referred to the Independent Review Officer for inquiry and report by the Minister,to encourage the establishment by insurers and employers of complaint resolution processes for complaints arising under the Workers Compensation Acts,
  4. such other functions as may be conferred on the Independent Review Officer by or under the Workers Compensation Acts or any other Act.

Independent Legal Advice and Review Service (ILARS)

In addition WIRO manages the Independent Legal Advice and Review Service (ILARS) which funds the legal and associated costs for workers challenging decisions of insurers (other than work capacity decisions).


WIRO also runs an extensive education program for various scheme stakeholders across NSW.