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Our values and goals

Our values

At the heart of our values are the values of the NSW public sector. These values are: integrity, trust, service and accountability. You can read more about these values at NSW Public Service Commission.

In addition to adopting these public sector values WIRO has developed its own specific values which represent our staff and what the WIRO office stands for.

WIRO’s values are:

  • independence - we are impartial, fair and just
  • innovation - we find new and better ways of solving problems
  • respect – we are generous, polite and honest
  • collaboration – we work together harmoniously and focus on building unity
  • accessibility – we encourage direct contact by stakeholders

Our strategic goals

WIRO is able to carry out its statutory functions, which include advising on ways to ensure the best system for a fair and just compensation scheme for injured workers with a strategy which includes:

  • continuous review of the compensation processes
  • driving the adoption of advanced technology
  • recommending reforms
  • managing disputes cost effectively
  • funding claims for legal assistance for injured workers

What drives us?

We are successful when:

  • we have an innovative, fair and efficient compensation scheme
  • we have a well respected process for the early resolution of disputes
  • we have achieved a reduction in the funding of future legal claims
  • we drive an earlier return to health program
  • there is a high awareness and satisfaction among the WIRO stakeholders