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WIRO Wire | David King runs the Marathon des Sables

We are faced with some extraordinary stories of courage at WIRO every day.

The efforts of David King have inspired us all. From 6 April 2018, David is running Marathon des Sables - a 7 day race across the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco. It is 250 km with the longest stage being around 90 km.

This is often called the 'toughest footrace on Earth'. It is the equivalent of 6 marathons in 7 days. David will be running through the darkness and cold of the night in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to over 50 degrees.

He has never done a formal marathon race - "why do one when you can do six?"

David is raising money for the Westmead Children's Hospital.

He has first hand experience of the amazing care and facilities that were provided during his family's toughest challenge to date - skull reconstructive surgery of his youngest child, Rafael, then 11 months old.

Encouragement from the Westmead Children's Hospital

"The Hospital is a place of hope for thousands of sick children and their families who turn to us for our world-class paediatric health care, ranging from burns management to epilepsy monitoring, heart surgery, organ transplants and cancer treatment.

While the government provides essential services, it is through donations that we are truly able to support our patients and families.

Your support is vital in enabling The Children’s Hospital to continue to conduct vital research, purchase much needed up to date equipment, discover better treatment options and care for children and families in Hospital.

The compassion and support we receive from people such as yourself is a constant source of inspiration as we continue to lead the way in advocating for the health, wellbeing and safety of all children in the community.

The money will likely be spread to the Oncology, Grace Centre for Newborn Care and Paediatric Intensive Care Departments which will include the purchase of vital equipment.

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